What’s Coming Up

We are currently (May 2023) in the process of building a boarding girls’ high school 7km out of Moroto Town in a little place called Musas. We were offered 50 acres of land in 2021 by the tribe and in 2022 secured title and ownership to enable us to build a secondary school for girls. There is really only one other in our region of over 1.5 million people. More and more children are wanting to go to school and schools are overflowing. 

Project Moroto wants to build a different school with shorter school hours and smaller classes. A place where all girls can have the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and beautiful place. We are planning to open in January 2025 if not before. We do not have all the funding as yet but are hoping and believing!

If anyone is interested in helping with this build whether practically or financially or in a teaching capacity once we have opened please contact Jayne.