Our Staff


Project Moroto is staffed by 4 local Ugandans: one live-in Mama who cooks and cares for the girls; one night watchman; one gardener/day watchman; and one Manager who oversees the day to day running of our home including ensuring the wellbeing of the girls, staff, and compound.

There is also a three person voluntary Management Team of local Ugandans to ensure the smooth running of the Project overall and good care of the girls.

Jayne – also a volunteer – is responsible for fundraising and the on-going development of Project Moroto and is largely based in New Zealand. She aims to visit Moroto every year to oversee the project.

Project Moroto Board of Trustees

Jayne Bailey – Executive Director:

Jayne is the founder of Project Moroto and Alakara Home. She is not only the visionary behind all that has happened so far in Project Moroto’s journey but she is also deeply committed to bring out the potential of all the girls who enter Alakara Home. This she does, not just by raising funds, but by visiting Moroto for 5-6 months every year to love, inspire and care for the girls.


Murray Cruickshank – Trustee/Chairman

Murray Cruickshank is a man with a wealth of knowledge and a world of experience! He brings to Project Moroto decades of experience in founding and managing his own businesses, negotiating in international markets and managing hundreds of employees. He has successfully served on Trusts and Boards over the last 22 years and currently holds Board appointments operating both in NZ and overseas and consults to companies in PR, media, retail, property, NFP, insurance and manufacturing. Murray has had a long-standing interest in overseas missions as many of his family members worked in Africa with the Salvation Army. There is something about this wonderful project that resonates with his family’s legacy and he is happy to continue that legacy by being involved with the amazing girls’ Moroto family. Murray holds a double major BSc degree in Chemistry from Auckland University and a BApplSc degree from Massey University.

Louise Mazengarb – Trustee

Louise has a background as a secondary school teacher with a career spanning over thirty years in New Zealand and overseas. Having raised a family, alongside her professional background, she has always aspired to see young people flourish and reach their potential within a stable, loving and nurturing environment. Thus she is captured and inspired by the vision of Project Moroto and the commitment invested in the girls at Alakara Home.