Our History


Project Moroto is a faith-based charity that was started in 2011 by a New Zealand woman Jayne Bailey, to provide safe dormitory living for orphans in a town called Moroto

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Our Staffing


Project Moroto is staffed by 5 local Ugandans: one live-in Mama who cooks and cares for the girls; two night watchman; one gardener/day watchman; and one Manager

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Our Girls


As of January 2020 our girls are aged between 7 and 17. They are all orphans and prior to moving into our home were living in difficult extended family situations - eg beaten by grandmothers.

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Help with our future


Our desire is to build a boarding school for girls just outside Moroto. There is a huge need with only 1 girls school in all of the Karamoja region. We would love to provide a school consisting of small classes, excellent and encouraging teaching, and a positive environment. We have been offered 30 acres of land – now all we need is the money!!!

Coming up


  • Securing of our Annual Budget of NZ$45,000 covering food, education fees, and staff salaries at the home.

Why support project Moroto


100% of all contributions to Project Moroto go to the project.

There is no allowance taken for NZ salaries or travel costs.


Check out Jaynes Ted talk here

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Our Address:

PO Box 11201,
New Zealand

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